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Tanto Time By Kris “Tanto” Paronto   The other day I was doing one of the most loathing yet necessary tasks in my new life as a pseudo celebrity... "Tweeting".  I can't stand Twitter; in fact I find it almost as repulsive as some of the people in D.C. I know that to reach the masses it's one of the most effective tools for immediate gratification when getting my point across. Not only transitory, I am able hold the mainstream media accountable when reporting halfassed information!   I sat on a plane waiting to taxi "twatting" (past tense of tweeting - aka - Tantoism) one very belligerent Hillary Clinton supporter, by the name of Michael Morales jumped out at me. Such ignorance isn't new, for one reason or another, the most asinine Hillary supporters seem to look me up and try to justify the actions of September 11th 2012 to me. From being called a liar, I have even had people downplay the events that night. Hillary supporters are hands down the largest group of people that are so out of touch its no wonder that aides have aides, and everything that comes out of her mouth is a bold faced lie. I don't hide behind a false picture and I use my name as a Twitter ID. Typically when someone is guilty, they are the ones who will spill the beans themselves if you let them talk long enough. Hillary supporters are no different.   As I Twatted, I took issue with this guy. Aside from being a gargantuan superdouche he tips the scales of ignorance on epic proportions. I wasn’t mad that in his uninformed and schizophrenic train of thought I was a murderer, gunrunner, and whatever colorful expletives he could think of. I took personal issue with his cheering for the deaths of my teammates and brothers Tyrone "Rone" Woods and Glen "Bub" Doherty.   Having spent, as much time in the Special Operations community as most of us have witnessing war first hand it's not fun, anyone who says it has is either full of shit, or has never left a FOB. Certainly, there are fun aspects to it all; the adrenaline rush, the camaraderie. The after fact of it in itself is horrific. I watched my brothers pay the ultimate sacrifice approximately 35 meters away. Needless to say Hillary’s little cheerleader pushed a button inciting a very explicit and to the point quote by “Gunny” R. Lee Ermy “Go Choke Yourself”. As my head quickly approached its max PSI, I left it at that and blocked him; knowing better than to get into a pissing contest with a skunk! Hillary and all of her supporters will have their day when they all will be forced take a bite out of the shit sandwich that they have been passing to everyone else for so long.   I no sooner hit the block button on my iphone as a group of my supporters took to the “Twitter Little Bighorn” battlefield. Known affectionately as "Tanto's Tribe", they  were as relentless as Chief Sitting Bull to General Custer. Later, I regrouped and attempted to log back in to tweet and twat-ter, but the Twitter police had locked me out due to “threatening comments”. Little did I know (I doubt you do too) that something so evocative is considered to be a direct threat? Totality of circumstance, means and ability are all examples of educated and rational thought process…do you see commonality between Hillary and her supporters? Typical Clinton gangsterism. Whats next? a safe space on social media to go to talk about feelings and shield yourself from rational people?   I did what any pissed off Ranger would do, I reinstated my account, took a screen shot of the Twitter nazi warning and preceded to Twat the screen shot to whomever monitors posts, tweets, twats or otherwise. A middle finger emoji high in the sky, my peace here has been spoken…Tanto style!  Reveling in the victory, I called a very wonderful lady to talk about our days and to say goodnight. I could hear that she was disappointed, she said, "It bothers me what you did." [DISCLAIMER: I do a lot of things throughout a normal day that would offend the majority of the American public] so I required further elaboration. She said, "You shouldn't have told that guy on Twitter to choke himself". Well…the guy shouldn’t have applauded the deaths of Americans. Two of which were among my closest friends and if it weren’t for them, I may not be alive. I also explained to her that my response was subdued, had I come face to face with him or if the conversation had been over the phone the outcome probably would have resulted in more than hurt feelings and his retreat to his safe space. Undoubtedly, the kid is nothing more than an ill-informed Twitter Troll who rides a single speed bicycle and stays safely tucked away in his mom's basement, drinking Cabernet and watching CNN... Our conversation was not going anywhere, as she couldn’t understand my rationale behind repeating The Gunny’s quote. I said, "ok", finished our conversation and went to bed. I continued to think about her condemnation of my response, thinking to myself "why do I have to be the bigger person here."   If he attacked me, I get it, take a step back, swallow my pride and take the high road. He attacked those that aren't here to defend themselves, my teammates who died fighting savages. I am a God fearing man and I do know the Bible says, "turn the other cheek”, but the Bible also says "Eye for an Eye."  So what's best in this case?  Do I let the Twitter Troll Michael Morales glorify the death of Rone and Bub? The fact remains, that he is using undoubtedly the worst day in two American Patriot families lives as a springboard to support one of the most evil people since Adolf Hitler! Or...Do I hit back? These questions are rhetorical of course, well...they are to me and assuming anyone like me. In this case I believe my actions were warranted.  M. Morales found me, and then proceeded to pick a fight, I responded with moderation, and hurt his feelings. I teach my kids the same, don't go looking for trouble, but if trouble finds you kick the shit out of it.  I know there are those out there that may disagree with me, and that's ok, I wouldn’t trust you having my back in a gunfight like I did Rone and Bub, but the world needs sheep too.  Just know, at times, it's ok to stand up and fight back, whether it's with words, fists or as a last resort, weapons.  I am tired of seeing progressives start fights, and then cower behind political correctness and hurt feelings when they bite off more than they can chew. Is there a moral to my rant?  Ehhh..I don't know... you can be the deciding factor to that. Remember to always be nice until it’s not time to be nice.   Tanto  

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