AR15 vs AK47 in the GWOT

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AR15 vs AK47: Is it Crony Capitalism or combat effectiveness? Practical takes a back seat to profitable in the GWOT and everywhere but America By Scott Lambin, Evan Hafer and Jeff Kirkham At this point you have probably figured out that everything we do is special interest in nature, specifically revolving around veterans, guns or both. Whether it be satirical, a side splitting music video or Evan giving an impromptu appendix draw tutorial with multiple platforms ranging from a Glock 17 to a M134 Mini gun to a highly lethal, shepherd puppy… who doesn’t love puppies?! The depth of our roster gives you guys and gals humor and informational articles just as fast as we take the slack out of a trigger to a surprise break. Part of what makes our blog one of the most unique on the Internet is our defiance of political correctness. We just don’t give a shit! If your feelings get hurt and get offended, you have chummed our waters, stand by to receive more of the same! This 4-part article will ask the greatest question of modern day sporting rifles; what is better? AK or the AR? Both are villainized yet completely practical in their own respective realms. We shed light on our opinions and solicit the responses of yours. We will review both guns in a non-permissive environment where; the soviet gun was, and is still used against us. For the grand finale we will explain why exactly the most ridiculous idea on the planet was to issue indigenous warfighters M4s instead of their (for all intents and purpose) indigenous AK and why. We can tell you from experience it wasn't due to practical reasoning...but then again, is there such a thing these days? The greatest debate in the gun world For now, we're simply establishing a preference. What is your preferred assault STYLE rifle more commonly referred to as modern sporting rifle? Contrary to what hipster idiots think...unlicensed citizens cannot own, or possess a TRUE assault rifle. For those that read this that are shaking their heads. We are here to tell you that a scary black collapsible stock, detachable magazine and a pistol grip are not classifications of an assault rifle. The two main characteristics are how the firearm functions such as a shoulder fired weapon that has a barrel length shorter than 16" and the MAIN characteristic is the select fire capabilities. That simply means that if the gun expels more than one bullet with one squeeze of the trigger (fully automatic or burst) you have an assault rifle. Contrary to what hipsters and anti Americans think...those are facts stated by the BATFE Ahhh those sweet floodgates have just been opened! This is an invite for you airsofters and keyboard commandos to chime in...sorry, MILSIM operators! Either way, AK…AR; perceived reliability or perceived accuracy and range? What makes each dominant over the other? Is there a correct answer? The proof is in the pudding with advantages of each system. Although less potent up close the M4 and AR15 has a max effective range of almost double what the stamped steel ammo eater does. Evan, Scott and Jeff all have different outlooks as to their opinions and outlooks on the which is best and why. Yes we can line up an AR and an AK at the same distance (greater than approximately 400 meters) and the AR or M4 will out perform in terms of accuracy and depending on the load; ballistics, BUT...accuracy is in the eye of the beholder. If you shoot like shit, neither will do you any good! Just because a government issues one specific piece of gear, does not make it superior. The gear is issued because the means has to justify the end, no matter practicality, reliability or accuracy. There is no room for movement on any. The mighty dollar drives the train! It is what we have and cannot deviate from. So we take a group of indigenous dudes hand them a gun that they virtually have little to no experience with and expect them to turn in their AKs that is as common as the Red Rider BB gun in the US. There is a problem with that in itself because for some, we expect the same dudes with those weeks of training to stand along side of us while putting boot to ass. More to follow on that! We as Americans like to use the handing out of government contracts as tangible past performance rather than how products actually perform. Those that have had a hand in that frivolous fraud waste and abuse will argue that those same contracts are "driving business" or "supporting our own economy" instead of the contrary. US companies would have been more than willing to design and produce an AK variant; with better parts, better craftsmanship and at a price tag that wouldn't have contributed to us having the leading roll in the shit show that we call our economy.  

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