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World Traveler Powered by: The BrassTacs By: Scott Lambin Kicking in doors in Iraq in OIF I, protecting diplomats and high level officials in the same neighborhoods or preventing radical Islamists from blowing their junk off with underwear bombs on airplanes; all past (and present) occupations of the founder and CEO of Celtic Shield. Ryan Shamrock, like most of us has spent his entire adult life-putting boot to ass for freedom in one capacity or another. Now the former Special Operations member turned Federal Agent is doing his part with vision, ingenuity and one hell of a work ethic in protecting our identities. Less Is More Traveling from one end of the planet to next I can appreciate (as close to) empty pockets as possible when living out of a suitcase and on the verge of missing a flight. There is nothing more frustrating than having to play what I call the “DHS YO – YO Game” through the metal detectors, all because of a random coin, credit card or foil gum wrapper. The minimalist wallet and passport cover aide in greatly reducing the contents of your pocket dump at the airport which gives you more time to sit at your gate and bug the agent for an upgrade that you know will never happen but it passes time. [caption id="attachment_139" align="aligncenter" width="4650"]Celtic Shield wallets are the ideal solution to a minimalistic approach to keeping your information secure Celtic Shield wallets are the ultimate addition to your EDC kit[/caption] Taking the “pack light, freeze at night” concept adopted in just about any combat arms MOS, Celtic Shields’ wallet will force you to either throw out, or organize the frivolous shit that is typically found in the “conventional” wallet. Let’s be honest, do you really need the 10% discount card that is months (if not years) past its expiry, or maybe the plethora of fortunes from your last 10 outings to your local Golden Garden Chinese restaurant if you’re into that type of thing. A wallet that is as thick as your carry on can cause back problems…its science! The minimalist wallet fits nicely in any pocket and the money clip can be employed as a bit of a retention device if you find yourself in a less than secure part of town. Technologically Sound Today’s technology is growing at such an exceeding pace that we can barely keep up. The vast majority of these advancements benefit us to greater health, productivity and performance. In some cases the same advancements are used to the precise contrary. Each Celtic Shield wallet and passport cover is constructed from all American T6061 aluminum, high impact elastic and torx screws that hold everything together. These three main components make up a completely RFID proof card carrying apparatus. It is easy for those with patience and know how to use radio frequency to steal pertinent information from your credit cards, or anything with a magnetic strip. Celtic Shields product offers first line defense against identity theft and the pain in the ass that comes with fixing it! [caption id="attachment_140" align="alignnone" width="3434"]100% made in America with domestic materials, Celtic Shield does not outsource 100% made in America with domestic materials, Celtic Shield does not outsource - Disabled Veteran owned and operated! [/caption] Make It Yours When you pick out your wallet or passport cover, there's a plethora of stock images to choose from. Celtic Shield will laser etch vritually anything…Unless its un-American and you’re being a dick…then they reserve the right to refuse business to you. Celtic Shield makes two models of wallets; slick and machined for your favorite challenge or memorial coin. You will never get caught buying someone a drink due to being “coined” in a bar ever again! Celtic Shield has the basic “tactical” colors to choose from, Ranger (RGR) aka anodized tan or Mall Ninja Black (MNB). Keep your eyes peeled for the newest addition to the wallet in a “battered brass” finish. Staying true to the original battle armor of the true bad Asses of the old; Knights Templar, Vikings and Knights men of the early crown. At first the brass finishes will be a limited run so be sure to reserve yours as soon as you get done reading this! Regardless of which color you choose, each wallet and passport covers are anodized so there is no residue left behind to stain your clothing. Personally, I have retained this wallet for about 3 years in literally every climate imaginable and the anodizing has yet to wear off. Bear in mind, if you use your walled to open beer bottles, or use as a tool, the anodizing will wear off in the high impact areas (yes you can open beer bottles with your wallet or passport cover) although not recommended, they can be used in a bind. Not to worry, if you mess something up, you can order replacement parts. Bought and Paid For Celtic Shield is a service disabled; combat veteran owned business that prides itself not only on its product but its dedication to our country and community of pro 2A Americans. If you’re looking to keep your secrets safe while decreasing your print, Celtic Shield wallets are the obvious no brainer! Product Specs Manufacturer: Celtic Shield Material: T6061 Aluminum Protects Against: Invasive Radio Frequency/Scanners, Electronic Door Locks, High Impacts MSRP: Wallet $98 – Bottle Opener $85 – Rail Sections NOT YET AVAILABLE Contact: www.celticshield.com

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