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Four Banger Powered by The BrassTacs By Scott Lambin The world of tactical operations requires a number of specific “things” that are necessary to completing the mission. Body armor, helmets, eye pro, hearing pro (sometimes), GUNS…all are of equal importance. One piece of kit to operators, specifically security guys, is as common as a picketing sign is to hipsters. Go bags…there are thousands of them. Some, for specific use i.e medical, range operations, commo...nonetheless, they are all simply a vehicle to carry our worldly possessions vital to keeping our asses alive, or sustainable in a gunfight. [caption id="attachment_101" align="alignnone" width="1024"] A perfect solution to off body carry for gym ops or a discreet carry bag[/caption] With 5.11’s line of new products, their left and right lateral limits expanded beyond tacticool. The diverse design staff identified, designed and built the banger line of bags with outdoorsman, survivalists and citizens that conceal defensive handguns on a daily basis in mind. In any case, a bag of Black Rifle Coffee, an aero press and a stainless mug fit perfectly inside for that last minute pick me up! We have stumbled upon a bag that is truly a one bag fits most solution to tactical, survival and outdoor applications. Bug Out The 4-Banger bag offers a vast spectrum of practical and tactical applications. Whether you are working in non permissive environments, running trails, or climbing rocks the newest bag from 5.11 offers storage solutions for just about everyone. A total of 326 cubic inches gives the end user multiple options to not only store their rifle and, pistol magazines but can re load out of the bag as well. Radios, emergency medical equipment and most all other mission essential gear to get home or back to base can also be stored and carried in the cross body bag. 5.11’s purpose built bag comes equipped with a concealed handgun compartment for safe storage and practical off body carry applications. I ran drills with both with a Glock 19 and 17, both equipped with Surefires X300 up front. I cant count on both hands how many times I have thrown my pistol in a gym bag before heading to the gym…as like many, my preferred workout attire doesn't consist of a waistline rigid enough to accommodate my EDC holster. I rarely leave the house ill prepared to defend myself, or my family so a trip to the gym is not an exception. A pistol in a general compartment of a bag could mean disaster if I needed in short order; reaching in and grabbing a chalk bag or wrist wraps instead of my Glock! I know its my own dumb ass fault, however I would venture to say that there are more people out there (whether or not they admit it) that have done the same. The 4 banger bag is compartmentalized in a way that your defensive equipment can be separated from your every day essentials. The 4-Banger bag is made from durable 500D nylon that is reinforced with 1050D nylon at each high abrasion point to endure the rigors of whatever we throw at it. I had the opportunity to use the 4-banger bag throughout my operational rotation in a place where people are still actively trying to kill Americans. Maneuvering through mountains or navigating the roads, the 4-banger bag gave me the laxity to carry all of my mission essential peripherals and kept them at arms length the entire time. [caption id="attachment_102" align="alignnone" width="1024"] The 4 - Banger has an 8 MOLLE external attachment web ideal for attaching a RATS tourniquet for quick removal and application[/caption] Given this time of year, we never really know what Mother Nature is going to throw at us. Sunny 86 degrees in the morning, by 1300 its pissing on us. Just because its raining sideways doesn’t mean we have to stop what were doing, YKK  supplies the self healing zippers for each bag to ensure the elements stay off of our gear. Follow-ups As I said, there are hundreds if not thousands of “go bags” out there. Some are cheaply made, comparable to knock off gear coming out of China, commonly found on ebay. 5.11 has re invigorated themselves as the industry standard for tactical gear and clothing. The 4-banger bag is one example of 2016’s line up that is quite literally for anyone! It’s ambidextrous, durable as hell, and most importantly… practical. [caption id="attachment_104" align="alignnone" width="700"] Because a bag of Murdered Out is mission essential[/caption] 5.11 4-Banger Bag  Specs Construction: 500D Tactical Nylon Volume: 326 CU Inches/5 Liters Size: 7 x 15 x 3 Inches Colors: Black, Double Tap, OD Trail, Sandstone Carry: Ambidextrous Use: Tactical, Home Defense, Vehicular Defense, Off Body Conceal Carry, Trail, Survival MSRP: $64.99 Manufacturer:

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