Our 2nd Amendment Rights...Uninfringed

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[caption id="attachment_71" align="alignnone" width="300"]Rock River Arms LAR 47 Delta Carbine with Advanced Armament Corp. SR7 Suppressor and Trijicon MRO are among top of the Modern Sporting Rifle Heap that keeps our passion for the 2nd Amendment alive. Rock River Arms LAR 47 Delta Carbine with Advanced Armament Corp. SR7 Suppressor and Trijicon MRO are at the top of the Modern Sporting Rifle heap that keeps our passion for the 2nd Amendment alive.[/caption] Tumultuous Circumstances Powered By The BrassTacs By Scott Lambin, Evan Hafer and Marty Skovlund Jr. If you are anything like the rest of us, your already short fuse is dwindling to nothing as this election cycle drudges along. We have let politics stand in our way of staying informed. I, for one, am sick of turning on the T.V. and listening to the same bullshit. If the FBI is going to bring charges (and they damn well should) on the Clinton gangsters, get it over with already. I’m sick of speculation that only results in broken dreams. The more the Republican elite and Donald Trump bicker back and forth about virtually nothing, the more I lose faith in both of their abilities to lead us in such a vicarious era. The million-dollar question here is, “what are we going to do about it?” Will we take up arms against those that try to rip what’s left of the constitution out of our hands? Will we ACTUALLY stand up? Although unlikely, I would like to think that it’s not beyond the realm of possibilities. As a general population, we have been beaten into a lifestyle of comfortable complacency and submissiveness. In the mean time, those trying to impose their will have grown to a level of simultaneously uncontrollable ego and incompetence. When compared to our revolutionary forefathers, our country currently is too technologically advanced, over-populated, under informed, and complacent to actually stand together and slug it out like the ones who paved the way for us back in the 1700s. The uncomfortable truth is that a hash tag campaign is more likely to occur than anything else. Our Revolution When you look at history, revolutions do not start by a 70-something year old socialist blabbering about free shit, yet there is a generation of sheep that are buying into it. Revolutions start by constantly poking the proverbial bear. As of late, the bear has been poked, prodded and damned near stripped of anything tangible. In this day in age, we need to go directly to the source: Congress, the billionaire club, and the ringmasters of the idiots in the circus we call Washington D.C. We elected them, we buy their products…its time we start holding them accountable. By no means are we advocating violence, or that we should try to shut down the D.C circus. We do need to hold our elected boneheads accountable though. What is the matter at hand here? What are we really talking about? We’re talking about our 2nd amendment rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution of the United States of America. Who drives that train? The pro-2A lobbyists in D.C. Without them, it is virtually impossible to tell where we would or wouldn’t be. We throw millions of dollars per year at the political machine that churns every day in D.C. to ensure that our 2nd Amendment rights stay exactly the same as when they were written. Yet the only time we hear anything from the lobby is when the words ‘mass’ and/or ‘shooting’ appear in the lame stream media headlines. What if the same people took our money and were thorns in the sides of politicians that block the Safe Hearing Act or a Nationwide Conceal Carry law? Here’s an idea…Instead of wasting my money on fancy foreign vehicles and ridiculous houses, take less of a salary and put the money back into what people like Mr. Church or Wingate intended. Speak on behalf of me, my family, and those that share the same passion about constitutionalism as me. They say that when you point one finger, there are always three more pointing right back. I think that euphemism is true. In the last eight years we have been lied to, and have had the proverbial wool pulled over our eyes in more instances than just the 2nd amendment. In eight years we have given more and more money to organizations claiming to advocate for our rights to only have few in congress actually advocate. We sit back and allow all of this to happen. Where is the accountability for this money? Are we the face of the pro-2A movement’s content? Are we okay with mediocrity? “Well the anti-gunners aren’t talking about enacting California gun regulations…so it must not be happening.” If you are under that mentality, you’re wrong. The zombies like Nancy Pelosi, Michael Bloomberg and every other liberal f*ck-stick in D.C. are constantly planning for, or greasing the skids to have new laws introduced behind the scenes. In the mean time, we think everything is okay when it is clearly not! Just to give you an idea of some of the anti-gun movement’s high-profile personalities that have come out publically damning the firearms industry, here is a list where you can see how extensive and influential the people on it are. Reaction is too late There are new gun control laws being introduced every day on ‘The Hill’ in D.C. Once the Supreme Court sinks its (predominantly liberal) teeth into any law further regulating our firearms, it’s too late. What happens then? We’ll be standing around with our pants down holding our junk pointing fingers at everyone else, but the ones that are ultimately responsible is OURSELVES. There is an epidemic of laziness rushing over our country at “Ludacris speeds.” The events leading up to this “totalitarian gun control” that Bernie and the Clinton gangsters call for, were not culled by everyone of us that value, and in our case cherish, our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. We as a culture need to be marching up the nefarious hill in D.C, we should be protesting the political leadership, and demanding accountability now. There are more keyboard commandos than men and women of action seeking American’s demanding that our country be turned the f*ck around. We as pro 2A conservatives are getting our teeth kicked in by the liberal hipster fungus that spreads anytime a politician opens their mouth. They have gotten up and sat their asses in the streets of New York; obstructed traffic and workflow...yes it was because they had nowhere to be…but we as contributors to our country can take a fucking sick day! Cash in on those vacation days and be loud, be boisterous, let everyone in D.C and these lobbies know that you’re not happy! Gun people are strong willed, assertive and passionate. It is easy to launch a campaign barking about civil war in the name of preserving our rights; it may even seem reasonable at times. At the end of the day, doing something like that is nowhere in the realm of plausible, its actually a bit unreasonable. Trying to incite violence directed at anyone does nothing more than hand ammunition to the other side to fire right back at us. The days of lining up in front of your enemy, waiting for someone to tell you to ‘take aim’ and ‘fire’ are looooong gone. I’ve spent nearly my entire adult life waging unconventional war, and unless you have a fleet of fast-movers and 500-pound JDAMs just lying around, the idea of inciting a civil war is ridiculous. We can be just as effective in our campaign to stand up and let these idiots know we hired them to do a job for us. We have commonalities…more than any hipster-liberal can dream of. We are not all in the fight for our own personal gain; we’re in it to preserve the Constitution of these United States of America. Coffee or Die We are driven, we have passion, and most importantly…we have coffee that isn’t born and bred in a small shop where liberalism is considered cool. It’s roasted in a dark fucking dungeon, where hate and discontent are among the very fuels that drive us to the range. Man buns and leather jackets get shaved off and stripped off the backs of those wearing them. We have Black Rifle Coffee. A lifestyle that reverberates throughout our country…the very lifestyle that has kept our nation kicking ass since 1775. Our Coffee or Die campaign is meant to bring our industry closer. We are providing the “freedom train” for everyone to jump on board with, or get left in the dust! Black Rifle Coffee has created a movement to stand up and hold our elected officials and lobbyists accountable and The BrassTacs will be one of many sounding boards to do so. We pay them to do a job…now its time they get off their asses and do it! It’s time that we yank the knot out of people’s ass and let them know that we’re here…and not going anywhere. If you see a hipsterbucks cup, tag them with our ‘Coffee or Die’ sticker. Send the pictures to us and we will spread it like wildfire. WE will be united, we will be loud, and we WILL be heard!

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