Coffee For A Cause - The Raider Project

Black Rifle Coffee Company is Proud announce our newest endeavor. Coffee For A Cause. BRCC has teamed with The Raider Project to bring you guys a one-of-a-kind coffee where the proceeds will go to amazing causes in the name of helping out America's veteran community. Look out for more updates in the coming weeks!



The Company:

GallantFew: is a 501(c)3 non-profit providing veteran mentoring; anti-suicide (Desc of Sparta); and law enforcement veteran education and de-escalation tactics.


Facilitate a peaceful, successful transition from active military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose.

Company Overview:

Founder: Karl Monger, 1/75 1990-1993 and Ranger Class 14-83. GallantFew, Inc provides a revolutionary support network for veterans. The Darby Project provides hometown Ranger veterans mentoring Rangers, Descendants of Sparta focuses on the Spartan Pledge as an anti-suicide platform; Law Enforcement Training included awareness of warfighter issues and de-escalation tactics to reduce the potential of violent interactions. Future programs include the Raider Project, focusing on MARSOC and USMC veterans.

To Purchase Our Coffee:


The purchase of this coffee will bring proceeds to veterans organizations the seek to help the community.

You can also make direction donations to the Raider Project can now be made via PayPal at